Our history

Our history

In 1979, as “Rondò Veneziano” was created around his maestro Gian Piero Reverberi, nobody knew that this orchestra, nowadays consisting of 20 accompanists and 9 soloists, would change the musical world and enrich it by something never seen before. None of the members or of their friends believed in the coexistence of such musical opposites as pop and classical music, two completely different genres. And yet the ensemble managed to become the essence of an artistic symbiosis like none else, divinely combining modern and Baroque classical music. However, only about 10 years later, in 1991, the time for concerts and tours had eventually come.

In the meantime the music of “Rondò Veneziano” had become famous everywhere due to radio broadcasting and millions of sold records; therefore Reverberi and the orchestra only presented known melodies to their enthusiastic audience during the concerts. But how they present(ed) them! That made and amkes every concert to a unique experience, to a refined masterwork of sound and baroque backdrop. The harmony between the orchestra and the Maestro – a team that grants pleasure with any performance – evokes pure enthusiasm. Supporters agree after every concert of this ensemble: that is the way how to make people happy! With two hours of finest pop-classical music, due to entertainment lifting any worries of one’s mind! That is always a lesson for all those thinking that “Rondò Veneziano” could not ever vary his style and would only use the reminiscence of people to attain success. “Rondò Veneziano” is more than the solely resurrection of Baroque and Romantic music. “Rondò Veneziano” is CULT! If thousands of individuals are thoroughly happy, then it is surely not a matter of taste. Nonetheless, the path leading to the first concert had been very long.

Let’s go back to the mid-seventies, when the proprietor of Baby Records, Freddy Naggiar, and Maestro Reverberi decided to support some of the many talents studying at Italian conservatories. Then they forged, out of seven young women and two young men, a modern chamber orchestra that should revive the atmosphere and the sounds of the characteristic Venetian Baroque as well as propagate it behind any boundaries. Reverberi was right with his project and had clearly found a new market by trusting his instincts. He remembers: ”It was the time computer generated disco music. Naturalness was going lost, more and more. I found the musical evolution wrong. Many people were feeling likewise and wanted to take a step back to more naturalness.” He wanted to support that tendency towards naturalness by creating beautiful music played with traditional instruments. Synthesizers can provide many impressions, at that time as well as nowadays, but not emotions. That is why the joy that a waltz by Strauss gives cannot be created by electronic devices. And the Maestro wanted to awake just that joy and positive feelings, something that his orchestra manages masterfully.

The musicality of the rather little band is so symphonic and compressed that it seems to be an orchestra of 60 members when playing. So far, the enthusiastic public has shown its gratitude by buying more than 25 million records, certificating every album at least with gold or platinum. Classical music has always inspired Reverberi. He already played the difficult waltzes of Strauss without score during his childhood. He let enchant himself by Bach and explored the world of classical music as he thoroughly learned to know its geniuses and the history of music. Most of all composers are from the periods of Baroque and Romanticism, those epochs inspiring Maestro Revrberi’s musical style.

He has examined enthusiastically the story and the curriculum vitae of many old masters of those times. We can see, hear, experience and relish the result of that commitment – in “Rondò Veneziano”!